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Medical School Interview Dress Code for Women

When you have made it to the medical school interview, you want to do everything possible to succeed. You have worked hard so far. You relied on the right people for medical school personal statement help. Each med school mock interview you have tried has helped you in preparing for this day. While a med school mock interview provides you an idea of what happens in a medical school interview, you don’t get an idea of what to wear. Wrong dress code may even change the impression you have made so far. This article shares medical school dress code tips for women. Like all other industries, the medical industry has also evolved. However, it is a traditional industry. Helping patients is a professional activity. Therefore, your dress for a medical school interview must reflect professionalism. Dress to impress the admission committee. 

Medical School Interview Dress Code for Women 

Here are some tips for medical school interview dress and accessories for women.

Suit & Shirt vs Dress

You can find dresses and suits & shirts in a wide range of colors and styles. Not each style and color is suitable for the interview. You have to make a thoughtful choice. Your choice should be simple. Navy-blue, black and grey suits are good to go. It is perfect to either wear a skirt or dress pants with a suit blazer. Make sure that the skirt is about knee-length. Avoid wearing a skirt that is too short. 

Many ladies have a question about the choice of shirt. You can pair a nice blouse with a button-down dress shirt. It is a professional interview. You should go for conservative attire. Don’t wear loud colors and patterns. Avoid wearing anything revealing such as a low-cut v-neck blouse. You can wear a dress to your med school interview. However, make sure that the dress is conservative. Wear a dark-colored dress. A too short dress will be too revealing which is not advised.

Make-up and Accessories 

Just like your attire, your make-up and accessories should also be simple. You can wear the following: 

  • Mascara 

  • Light concealer or powder

  • Eye shadow 

  • Eyeliner 

  • Lip gloss 

  • Lipstick

 Make sure that your make-up is not too noticeable. 


Your jewelry should not cause any distractions. Though watches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are not necessary. If these pieces give you a nice touch, go for them. Dangling earrings don’t look professional. You can wear studs.

Nail Polish

Choose neutral tones if you want to wear nail polish. Your nail polish should not be too elaborate or bright.


If you have tattoos, cover them up.


On that day, you will walk around the medical school campus. Prioritize your comfort when choosing a pair. Heels are more acceptable than flats. However, you can wear flats as well. Wear closed-toe shoes. Go for matching and neutral colors. Avoid bright pink or bright red shoes. Don’t wear any color that draws attention. 

Depending on the weather, also carry gloves, a scarf and a winter coat. You can keep your interview portfolio folder in a large purse.



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