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How Important Is the Annual Sports Day for the Best School in Kolkata?

“I want to see more sports in schools.”



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Yes, why not? Just like education, sporting activities are an essential part of a child’s development. Schools nowadays consider it as a priority and executive various sporting activities. What we are going to discuss in this article is the annual sports day organized by the best school in Kolkata. The write-up will take you through the build-up, the activities of the day, and also the takeaways. Let’s get started.


The best school in Kolkata makes it a point to organize annual sports every year for the students. The build-up to the event is indeed noteworthy. Months before the big day, the students are encouraged to enroll themselves in the different events. It is also ensured that they start the required drills and become uber-fit and ready before they hit the turf.


The students in return also show equal interest in the participation. They register for events of their choice and train under the guidance of the game teacher. The game teacher ensures that the children are practicing hard and most importantly in the correct manner so that they can give their best on D-day. 


The trainers also ensure that students are maintaining a proper diet chart so that they do not put on extra weight before the event. Last but not the least, the trainer also ensures that no student is getting accidentally while carrying out the drills during the practice sessions. In that case, it would be really unfortunate for a student to pull out from the event.


Moving forward, as the big day approaches, the excitement increases for both the students and the teachers. The students look forward to competing and come out victorious in the event that they have registered for.


On the day of the sports day, the management of the best CBSE school in Kolkata invites parents and special guests. In their presence, the students compete with each other in different events by maintaining the spirit of true sportsmanship. 


The students who come out victorious from their events are cheered and applauded by the crowd present. They are awarded and congratulated for their achievement. At the same time, the winners are advised to not get overconfident over their win. Instead, they are advised to keep their feet on the ground and keep up the good work in next year’s edition.


Those students who couldn’t do well in the sporting events were encouraged to put up a better performance in the following year’s edition. They are advised not to lose hope and get disheartened by working harder on their limitations. 


The annual sports day is also treated as an occasion when parents and teachers get to meet and greet each other. It gives them the opportunity to interact freely with each other and discuss the student’s progress and performance in studies and other development activities.


Birla High School Mukundapur is a renowned school in Kolkata who have their annual sports every year. Check out their website to see the images of the previous years.



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