Friday, April 16, 2021

Why is dancing good for the brain?

Joining dance classes in Duncan, BC, is a great way for people of all ages to keep fit. Dancing is not only entertaining and fun but also very healthy. When you consider the health advantages of dancing, you might think of increased flexibility, build muscles, and other physical outcomes associated with being active. But did you know that joining an adult dance class in Duncan, BC, is also good for your brain? Here’s why.
The brain works well while dancing
At the time of the dance, several areas of the brain are activated at once. They calculate spatial orientation, the strength of the movement, and features of a person's emotional state. Dances combine music, movements, feelings, thoughts. In this case, almost all channels of perception are involved. In particular, such basic ones are visual, auditory, kinesthetic. Music stimulates the pleasure center (increases serotonin) in the brain, and dance stimulates sensory and motor processes.
With such a constant load, the brain begins to work better, develop its capabilities, strengthen memory. Dancing involves both mental work and social interaction, according to the researchers. This reduces the risk of developing dementia and increases the number of new neural connections in areas responsible for long-term memory and spatial reasoning.
Sense of body in space
During regular dance classes, a person's proprioception improves. This is a feeling of physical self-awareness, the ability to understand your body's position in space and, as a result, better control it. At the moment of the dance, the brain learns to perceive and correct all parts of the body's movements. Professional dancers can control their bodies well and perform difficult steps even with their eyes closed.
With certain brain and nervous system diseases, a person begins to feel and control his body poorly; he can hardly walk correctly or stand. An adult dance class in Duncan, BC, can help improve this situation. With the right and regular exercises, people with complex brain diseases that suffer from proprioception noticed improvements: their movements became more precise, and their bodies were easier to control.
Dance and intelligence
Surprisingly, according to scientists, dancing can increase a person's intelligence. The faster this process is, the better. During the dance, it often takes a split second to decide on a particular action, which activates several brain functions at once - kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional. Subsequently, this causes an increase in neural connections, which means it increases intelligence.
Joining adult dance class Duncan, BC, will ultimately help strengthen muscle memory and communication between several different nervous systems. While dancing, you are unlikely to learn advanced mathematics, but your natural intelligence and learning ability will noticeably increase.
So, now can you see that going to dance classes in Duncan, BC, is truly worth the time and money? Needless to say, dance classes pave the way to better living.


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