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Different Step for Successful Himalaya Trekking Trips

Trekking is the great adventure plus experience of culture and nature within the Himalayas which is also a life time experience. If you are an adventure seeker and addicted to Himalayas then trekking and expedition is only one way out to achieve your Himalayan dream. We Himalayan Companion offer wide range of trekking and expedition which are comprise from a week to 160 days GHT (Great Himalayan Trail).

Trekking with a manual

Lower Dolpo Trek is an excellent in Lower Dolpo region. You want to make sure that it is an excellent manual that understands and respects your desires. If possible, a face-to-face assembly with a manual previous to trekking is continually beneficial. In lots of the Himalayas elements, a nearby guide can be hired without having to pay a fortune.

Limi valley trek is an exceptional trek in Nepal which take you in the rarely visited and mystic Limi Valley of North Western Nepal. Humla is hidden deep in the western Himalaya of Nepal and Limi valley is the highest, most northern and remote valley within the Humla. Limi valley trek caters a life experience as you pass through 16000 ft high pass, the remote villages and their life style, age old ancient Bon and Buddhist monasteries and many more.

Great time to trek inside the Himalayas

Treks in Dolpo can virtually perform all year spherical. However, the excellent time to trek usually is considered September-October-November for the southern facet of the Himalayas and July-August-September for the northern side of the Himalayas, additionally referred to as the trans-Himalayas. Trekking within the winter season, December-January-February, is likewise an excellent alternative, where one can trek in lower parts of Dolpo.

Trekking style

Himalayan Companion's treks are expedition style trek. In our trek, the day starts with an early morning mug of tea which we called wake up tea serve to your tent. Before heading to breakfast you will be served a by washing water in washing boul. Then you have to you’re your stuff in duffle bag and you will proceed for breakfast at the same time crew pack away tents. After breakfast between 7:30 to 8 am, we start walking. While walking the pace of the trek is moderate, and you can enjoy scenery, take photos and explore the local villages around the trail. 

And we stop for lunch by 12 and 1 pm after lunch again we resume walking and arrive at camp 3 and 4 pm in the afternoon. On arrival you will get a hot drinks and biscuits. In the evening our cook will provide a three course meal in the mess tent around 6pm.After dinner the leaders will discuss the plan for the next day. Tomorrow is likely to be very similar as today! The only difference is that if we are crossing a high pass or climbing to a summit we leave camp earlier in the morning.

Camping vs. tea house trek

Camping is an expedition style trek, where we have to carry all the required trekking gear along with crew such as cook, kitchen helper and mules/porter. And cook will prepare food all way along the trek.

Teahouse trekking is the new standard, with standardized menus and varying conditions of rooms. A general rule of thumb is, the more developed the trail, the more amenities the lodges have. But when it comes to food, the quality varies, and the interpretation of what constitutes each dish does too.



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